Nardos Sisay

Nardos SisayNARDOS SISAY, A pioneer to Academy’s Addis Ababa Campus & to Ethiopia.

NARDOS SISAY is from Nazret City, Oromya State. She is nineteen. She was recruited at the 1st National Youth Project Championship staged in Shashemene city representing Oromia State in World Taekwondo.
She belongs to the first batch of 2013/2014 Academic Year. She is in her final year with the Academy. Although World Taekwondo is relatively new to Ethiopia, it is one of the sport events which has attracted youngsters in large & small towns throughout the country.

NARDOS is one of the Academy’s trainees who proved to the world that Ethiopia could excel in sports events other than athletics. She was only first year trainee at the Academy to represent Ethiopia at the African Olympics held in Gaborone, Botswana in 2014. She finished the event with a gold medal, first ever to Ethiopian in the event in both sexes.

However, Gaborone was only the beginning – she came home back with a gold medal she won at the 11th All African Games staged in Congo Brazzaville in 2015. The same year she finished second at the International Open Tournament, in Morocco. She still kept her success for three consecutive year when she won Bronze in 2016 at the Qualifier’s Tournament for the Rio Olympics hosted by Morocco in Igadir. She almost made it to the Rio Olympics only at the age of 18. All four medals were won in her first & second years at the Academy.

NARDOS SISAY has become a pioneer for the Academy’s Addis Ababa Campus to win a medal at continental tournament. But above all, she has become Ethiopia’s pioneer to bring home a medal by winning an African championship in World Taekwondo. And yet, the four medals Ethiopia has secured in the event at four continental tournaments are credited to NARDOS.


Nardos SisayTADELE ZEWDU, earning much more medals than his twenty years of life TADELE ZEWDU now 20 is among the first batch of the Addis Ababa Campus trainees.

TADELE is also attending his final high school year of grade 10. Next June he will be double graduate of both the Academy & Lem High School. TADELE ZEWDU, born & raised in Tahkusa Wereda of Siemen Gonder, was recruited at the 2013 National Youth Projects Championship in Bahirdar city.


TADELE is already on the road of becoming a legend. He has earned in his three years stay with the Academy thirty – one gold & two silver medals in national tournaments. He is probably the first Ethiopian athlete in all sports to earn thirty - three medals in just three Years – earning much more medals than his twenty years of life. TADELE envisages being Olympic medalist a goal not for away. TADELE awards the first credit to his father, a fisherman on Tana Lake, the largest natural lake in Ethiopia. As a helping aid to his father, he cultivated his passion of swimming at early age. Demelash Chelku, Bahirdar Youth Project coach & Academy’s coaches share the credit besides his father for the extraordinary achievements he has already made. Swimming fans throughout Ethiopia agree TADELE ZEWDU as being number one in the event for his age.

Roman Asfaw

Nardos SisayROMAN ASFAW is privileged to be among the first batch to join the Addis Ababa campus in 2013/2014 Academic year. She was born & raised in the South Eastern city of Diredawa. She was recruited for her highest performance & achievement at the 1st National Youth Projects Championship held in 2013 in Shashemene city. She belonged to the boxing team representing Diredawa City Administration.

ROMAN ASFAW has already been selected for three consecutive years for the National Boxing Team. In her achievement as a member of the National Team, she represented Ethiopia in the African Youth Championship organized in Gaborone, Botswana in 2014. She assumed fourth position in the Championship. History has already recorded her as the first female boxer to represent Ethiopia beyond the borders of Ethiopia.

She has also secured six gold & two silver medals in national clubs tournaments, representing the Academy, not forgetting the diploma she was awarded in Gaborone. ROMAN ASFAW who is 20 years of age, is with the graduating class of the Academy. She is also in her final preparatory class at Bole Preparatory School.

In June of 2017 she will add to her success two certificates as Academy’s & preparatory school graduate. "Leila Ali, Mohammed Ali’s daughter is My role model," says ROMAN whose vision is to stand on the medal podium as the Ethiopian Flag get raised at continental & international Boxing tournaments she would confidently represent soon. ROMAN ASFAW is thankful to her coach Ephraim Negash, Diredawa Youth Project & Academy’s Boxing coaches.